After reading this blog, the readers would be able

a.   to identify the various kinds of sand art;

b.   to make their own masterpiece using sand as their main material; and

c.   to appreciate the art made from sand.

     Sand art is a practice of creating an artistic work with the use of sand. There are different kinds of sand arts specifically, the sand bottles, sand painting and a sand castle. You can show your creativeness in doing such art without spending much of your money. This art just needs sand and your artistic imagination to make a wonderful masterpiece. 



      Sand bottles are form of art where in it is made by filling a clean glass or plastic bottle with different colors of sand. Other sand bottles have the beach concept and some have color combination concept. This has various sizes and designs as well.

Things needed in making a sand bottle:
  • Several Colors of Craft Sand
  • One bowl for each color of Sand
  • A funnel (optional)
  • A glass or clear plastic bottle or jar
  • A spoon
  • A wooden skewer or toothpick
  • Clear glue and lid (optional)

Simple instructions: 

1. Start with a clean, dry clear plastic or glass bottle or jar

2. Begin adding one color of sand to the bottle or jar be spooning it directly into the bottle or by spooning the sand into a funnel

3. Once the first layer is the thickness you like, start adding a second layer using another sand color

4. Continue adding more colors

5. If you would like the sand to be at a diagonal then just tilt the bottle as your pour in the sand and continue to add different layers of sand while still tilting the bottle

6. If you want get really fancy, add 3 or 4 layers of sand, then take a toothpick or wooden skewer and press it down between the inside of the jar or bottle through the sand, pull it out slowly as the sand fills in. Add another layer to the top to even it out.

7. Once you have completed your Sand Art in a Bottle, you may seal it with a lid by adding a small amount of craft glue around the rim. This is optional; your sand art will be perfectly fine without a lid as long as you don't shake it up or spill it.


     Sand painting is the use of sand in creating your own masterpiece. Sometimes sand painters prefer to use colored sand in order to emphasize the beauty of their creation but there are some who makes their art simple with the chromatic color of the sand. Sand painting may actually be used in performing. There are some artist who showcase their talents in doing sand paintings on theaters using ordinary sand projected on a big screen. They make different sand paintings using their bare hands with the accompaniment of music.

Here are the steps on how to make your own colored sand painting:

1. Add color to the sand

2. draw picture

3. Spread glue

4. Sprinkle sand

5. Fill picture


       Sand castle are usually seen on beaches. This kind of sand art are made with the use of wet beach sand. In order to make a sand art castle, there is a need of your creative imagination and a careful hand in designing every details of the castle. A more detailed sand castle would make your masterpiece look like a real castle. 

Here are the steps on how to make a sand castle:

  1. Gather the things that you need to build a sandcastle.
  2. Choose an ideal area for building.
  3. Commence by designing the sandcastle in your mind or even on paper or on the floor of the beach by using your finger.
  4. fill a bucket with sand (recommended that you should use wet sand)and upturn it.
  5. repeat the previous step again and again until your tower looks like a castle
  6. repeat this step again and again and your tower of sand will look like a real castle
  7. add some details and join the walls .

          Most of the people admire arts. Others would think that only experts could make such. Unfortunately, they are wrong because even us could make our own masterpiece with the use of our wide imagination and creatives hands. We don't need to spend much for it, we just have to be more resourceful to make our masterpiece wonderful.

"Appreciate art
and you could make one."